Landscape Lighting

Enhance your property with landscape lighting

Landscapes during the day add color and life to your property, but at night, landscape lighting can turn your oasis into a jaw-dropping retreat. When the sun sets, lighting put in the right places will illuminate the lush landscape and will create a place you won’t want to leave. Our team collaborates with you to suggest the best places to add lighting to create spotlights on areas that would be positively accentuated with lights. We look at large specimen trees, walkways, columns, outdoor seating, and more to create the perfect lighting package for you.

At TPG Lawn & Landscape, we use the best materials out there to ensure we’re properly lighting the objects you want to focus on. We use Alliance Outdoor Lighting for our clients. Are you tired of replacing your lights every year? Alliance is an industry leader in landscape lighting that offers LED, low voltage lights with a lifetime warranty on fixtures and a 5-year warranty on bulbs. We’ll take care of the whole installation from running the wires correctly and safely to setting up the lights so they hit the perfect spot every night for years to come.

The different types of lighting we install are:

  • Area lights
  • Pathway lights
  • Underwater lights
  • Tiki lights
  • Step lights
  • Down lights
  • Post lights
  • Bullet lights
  • Floodlights
  • In-ground lights
  • And more

Why TPG Lawn & Landscape

TPG Lawn & Landscape HeroAt TPG Lawn & Landscape, we’re now offering Bluetooth integrated fixtures. This gives you the ability to manage and change the lighting from your phone. You’re able to change colors, create custom scenes, dim the lights to meet your needs, and update lighting for special events at the click of a button. These integrated fixtures have a ten-year warranty and Bluetooth range extender.

There are many reasons why landscape lighting is important to yards. Some of the reasons are, curb appeal, security, safety, and outdoor living.

Curb appeal is always a statement during the day but when it gets dark, having lighting in the right places can bring new life to your curb appeal. Placing lights on columns, walkways, trees, and more can help with this.

The safety of you and your family is important and having lighting at night can help with the security of your home. A well-illuminated house and yard can deter burglars from attempting to enter your home. Having security and curb appeal is a great duo.

If you have walkways, stepping stones, or any other type of pathway, a well-illuminated path helps with the safety of you, your family, your pets, and your guests. When dusk falls, walking outside can be dangerous without proper lighting. Adding landscape lighting in the proper places can help guide you through your yard safely.

One reason many people re-landscape their backyard is for the enjoyment of outdoor living. We want you to be able to enjoy the beauty of your yard night and day. Properly lighting your yard for nighttime use can increase your comfort and joy of home-living. We work with you to find out what your lighting needs are whether it’s by your grill for when you prepare a meal or near a bench in your garden sanctuary where you hang out at night, The lights will be placed collaboratively and accordingly for maximum outdoor living.